FSD F411 Flight Controller for FSD428 FSD435

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-If your SBUS receiver don’t need to be inverted signal(such as Full Speed’s receivers), please use the D/S/P port one the up side.

-If your SBUS receiver need to be inverted signal, please use the SBUS port on the other side.

Pay attention:
-The FSD F411 flight controller will support a gyro loop rate of up to 32khz however maximum pid loop frequency is limited to 16khz. To run at this speed you will need to overclock the CPU by entering the code: Set cpu_overclock = 120mhz in CLI.

-In betaflight 3.4.0 and above CPU temperature can be monitored directly in betaflight osd.

FSD F411 F408 FC  firmware download?
Betaflight firmware:
(Betaflight_3.3.3_FULLSPEEDF411 source code)
Betaflight_3.4_FULLSPEEDF411.hex (Betaflight_3.4_FULLSPEEDF411 source code)
Betaflight_3.5.0_FULLSPEEDF411.hex (Betaflight_3.5.0_FULLSPEEDF411 source code)
Betaflight_3.5.1_FULLSPEEDF411.hex (Betaflight_3.5.1_FULLSPEEDF411 source code)
Betaflight_3.5.2_FULLSPEEDF411.hex (Betaflight_3.5.2_FULLSPEEDF411 source code)
Betaflight_3.5.3_FULLSPEEDF411.hex (Betaflight_3.5.3_FULLSPEEDF411 source code)

Butterflight firmware:
Butterflight_3.5.0_FULLSPEEDF411.hex (Butterflight_3.5.0_FULLSPEEDF411 source code)
Butterflight_3.6.2_FULLSPEEDF411.hex (Butterflight_3.6.2_FULLSPEEDF411 source code)

Brand Name:FullSpeed
Item Name: 20x20mm FSD F411 Flight Controller

Input Voltage: 2-4S Lipo 
Built-in Betaflight OSD to adjust PID
BEC Output: [email protected]
Size: 27.5×27.5mm board, 20mm mounting holes (M2)
Support SBUS/PPM/DSMX receiver 
Usage: Original Parts for FullSpeed FSD428 FSD435 Series Flytower

Package Included:
1x FSD F411 Flight Controller
1 x 6Pin Cable
4 x M2x5 standoffs 5mm tall Nylon
4 x M2 Nylon Nuts


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