Mini Owl Piko Edition Ducts

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Ducts propeller protection add-on for Mini Owl frame is designed to be used with PIKO BLX Flight Controller and PIKO 2 in 1 ESC.



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2 reviews for Mini Owl Piko Edition Ducts

  1. jrob4654

    How do I choose between the materials? Can you link me to a description of each (their strengths/weaknesses and weights)?

    • dmitry

      Mini Owl Piko Edition is specifically designed to be as strong as possible with any offered plastic.

      The strength is mostly defined by how flexible material, how much it can be bent before it starts to break and they go like this:

      1. TPU / Semiflex
      2. Armadillo
      3. ApolloX
      4. HDGlass
      5. ABS

  2. Chris

    Could I combine this with the Mini Owl kit to make a Piko edition (since that kit is sold out)? Would this work with the Mini’s 4-in-1 ESC board and lower kV motors?

    • dmitry

      Yes, these ducts work with Mini Owl

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