Mini Owl – FPV – DSMX – BNF

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Mini Owl is one of the smallest 88mm brushless FPV quadcopter with integrated 1.88 inch propeller protection, designed to be safe indoor and outdoor proximity flier with support of wide variety of equipment and great mounting options.

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  • Mini Owl frame
  • FlexRC Pico Core
  • 1104 6500kv motors
  • 4 x 1.9″ props
  • DSMX Receiver
  • FPV camera
  • VTX
  • OSD

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2 reviews for Mini Owl – FPV – DSMX – BNF

  1. darkstar_v378

    Any estimate on when the BNF version will be on stock? If it takes a while, I’m planning on buying just the frame instead.

    • dmitry

      BNF are released one by one and best way is to sign up to waiting list and mailing list to be updated when BNF for you will become available.

  2. malte.s.malm

    Are these motors reversible? Can I do full acro with this machine? Asking cause I’m new to brush less… Earlier have flown xk x100 which have acrobatic capability and want to take that a step further with brush less engine.

    • dmitry

      Full acro means that all stabilization is off and you can spin, flip your drone in any direction without it trying to stabilize when you release sticks, which allows you to do some incredible acrobatic stunts

    • malte.s.malm

      Ok yes so this machine is capable of this? Evenemang bi-directional engines?

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