Mira 65mm – 1s Edition – DIY Kit – Micro FPV Racing Drone

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2 reviews for Mira 65mm – 1s Edition – DIY Kit – Micro FPV Racing Drone

  1. jdcastlestick

    Is there a bumper guard available for this model?

    • dmitry

      You can use TinyWhoop ducts with it and 31 props. We are also working on designing bumper for 41mm props

  2. mr.kevin.lowry

    What batteries are recommended for this configuration? I got the 0703 motors and the Tattoo 220 mah batteries w/JST connectors with my DIY kit and they only last 45-60 seconds before the receiver starts browing out and falls from the sky.

    • dmitry

      I’m getting 2mins of flight time with 220mah batteries and 0703 15000kv motors, so it should work well

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