Tiny F3 Flight Controller with OSD – Betaflight – DSHOT – (16x16mm mount)

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Incredibly Tiny F3 premium quality OMNIBUS compatible flight controller with 16x16mm mounts with OSD that can be configured directly in betaflight and 1A 5V BEC which supports 2-3S batteries.
You can add support for 1s by using Step Up/Step Down Voltage Regulator

Tiny F3 + OSD flight controller uses extremely stable MPU6000 gyro which will provide locked-in flight experience and your FPV racing drone will thank you for reduced weight this flight controller has to offer.

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Flight controller uses OMNIBUS betaflight firmware.

Tiny F3 Wiring Diagram

TinyF3 OSD Wiring Diagram

5 reviews for Tiny F3 Flight Controller with OSD – Betaflight – DSHOT – (16x16mm mount)

  1. Jacob

    Does this fc support 1s without a voltage step up module?

    • dmitry


    • remigioe3d (verified owner)

      Where are the VID IN/OUT pads for OSD? Just purchased, will it come with instructions?

      • dmitry

        On the main picture of the listing you can see pads at the bottom V G I O, where
        V – +5v
        G – Ground
        I – video in
        O – video out

    • Brandt

      Will the 5v rail of this FC supply enough power to run a 5v XM+ receiver, a 25mw vtx, and a micro camera? Thinking I might need to buy a Polulu with this board…

      • dmitry

        It should be able to handle it and it worked from my tests, but pololu is always a more reliable option

  2. Brandt

    Will you please get these back in stock? 🙂

    • dmitry

      We will look into bringing it back

  3. slazaruk

    Have a couple questions on build possibilities. The frame is meant for an AIO camera (both of my 16×16 frames). Is it possible to intercept the video signal on a CM275 to get the osd inserted? Basically separate it into CAM and VO signals.

    Second question is simpler – would it be possible to get Smart Audio working on this board? Was thinking about using this with an Akk Nano 2. Changing channels in BF OSD would be amazing =).

    • dmitry

      Yes, you can cut video pin on CM275 and wire it to video in and out on this FC. Also I don’t see any problems using it with akk nano 2

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