TinyFish F3 Flight Controller with FrSky receiver – Betaflight – DSHOT – (16x16mm mount)

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With just 1.7g weight and support of up 3s batteries this incredibly TinyFish flight controller with integrated FrSky receiver is a real revolution in FPV racing drone world and it will make your FPV racing drone lighter, faster and let you fly longer.
Build the smallest and lightest racing drone in the world and fly it like a champ!

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Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram for TinyFish can be found here


Gyro: MPU6000
Lipo: 1-3S (1S recommended)
Mount: 16x16mm


Designed by a genius German engineer and published as a TinyFish open source project.

Please join me and express your appreciation to Simon (designer of TinyFish) by giving him big thumbs up and donating as much as you can to keep RC revolution going.

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from 5 pcs.from 10 pcs.
USD $27.59 USD $26.21USD $27.59 USD $25.66

Package Includes

  • 1 x Flight controller
  • 1 x mounting hardware


  1. Chris

    Does the tinyfish support telemetry? If not (and I don’t think it does) and no OSD, how does one use the current and voltage monitoring which the board features?

    • dmitry

      It does not support full telemetry but it supports RSSI

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