Sunnysky 0703 15000KV Brushless Motor – 1pcs

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Sunnysky 0703 15000kv brushless motors are extremely light and have bearings which makes them strong, extremely smooth and powerful, so they keep working crash after crash.

With 26g thrust on 1S battery and 68g thrust on 2S battery with 3 blade 40mm propeller they will turn your tiny FPV racing drone into insanely fast nano bullet.

The main difference from 0705 motors is that they are a bit lighter and don’t need as much amps.

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Sunnysky 0703 15000KV Design

SunnySky 0703 15000kv design

Sunnysky 0703 15000kv known thrust data

1S battery 40mm 3 blade props – 26g with 2.7Amps
2S battery 40mm 3 blade props – 68.3g with 6.6Amps

1S battery 55mm 2 blade props – 36.7g with 3.2Amps
2S battery 55mm 2 blade props – 92.8g with 7.3Amps


  • Brand: SUNNYSKY
  • Item name: 0703 15000KV Motor
  • Stator diameter: 7mm
  • Stator thickness: 3mm
  • KV (rpm/min): 15000KV
  • No-load current(A/2.5V): 0.8A
  • Max Lipo cell: 2S
  • Motor weight: About 3g/pcs

Package Includes

  • Sunnysky 0705 15000kv brushless motor – 1pc


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