Gens ace iMars S100 G-Tech AC Balance RC Battery Smart Charger-Black

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Gens ace iMars S100 G-Tech AC Balance Charger, capable of 10 amp charge rates, worldwide 100V-240V voltage versatility, with AC 100 Watts of power. It is great to charge your RC Batteries.

The iMars S100 G-Tech Charger become upgraded from iMars Pro III. As a new member of G-Tech Eco, iMars S100 is designed specifically for the G-Tech smart battery, but is also compatible with non-smart batteries.

Two main improvements are below,

1.Mechanical Keys: replace the touchpad with mechanical keys, akin to the acclaimed functionality of our Dual 300W charger. Additionally, we have integrated G-Tech compatibility into the port, seamlessly connecting the iMars S100 with the G-Tech family of products.

2.Unified UI Language: Drawing inspiration from the intuitive interface of our Dual 300W charger, the iMars S100 adopts a consistent UI language. This uniformity ensures ease of navigation and will remain consistent across future charger releases.

These enhancements promise a more ergonomic and user-friendly charging experience. The versatility of the iMars S100 extends across a wide spectrum of applications, from powering small batteries for 3inch FPV drones and Airsoft electronic pistols, to supporting larger batteries for car models, 1:10/1:8 racing competitions, or 700-series helicopters.


  • Input Voltage: AC 100-240V
  • output Voltage: 27V(max)
  • Input Current: 50~60Hz~1.5A
  • Discharging Power: 5W
  • Charging Power: 100W
  • Charge Current: 10A(max)
  • Discharge Current: 4A(max)
  • Cell Balancing: 2S-6S(Lipo/Li-ion/LiHV/LiFe), 4S-18S(NIMH)
  • Function: Charger/Discharge/Storage/Balance, etc
  • Channel: Single
  • Input connector: AC
  • Output connector: XT60
  • Dimensions: 18x83x40mm
  • Product Net Weight: 310g
  • Accessories Included: AC Input Cable / XT60-T adapter / XT60-EC5 adapter / XT60-EC3 adapter/ USB cable

Our Advantage:

1.Your orders will be dispatched via FedEx or UPS from the USA directly.
2.Fast shipping and excellent local after-sale service guaranteed in the USA.
3.Service-priority in the online shop, like the long warranty period and the lower price.
4.Energy Density:Specially adapted to each UAV type and RC car/boat/heli type. Very High according to capacity/weight. In fact, we are specialists in High Power Lipo Batteries. It is our unique technology, the highest power of our battery is 120C. Another technology is our batteries are able to be stably discharged simultaneously.
5.Low IR: Provides stable voltage until the end of your mission.
6.Safety: Gens ace and its partners fulfill the ISO9001, ISO14001, standards.
7.See the battery instruction to the link:Lipo Battery Guide


  1. Don’t put it beside the high-temperature condition.
  2. Don’t throw it into the fire.
  3. Don’t throw it into the water.


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