Komori 3″ – FPV Racing Drone Frame

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FlexRC Komori 3″ is ultra light and durable FPV racing drone frame with rolling cage and reinforced arms. It supports 11xx-1404 motors with up to 3″ propellers Micro 16*16 FPV Cameras.

FlexRC Komori is compact, very easy to build and offers great protection and easy access for drone's electronics.

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  • Very durable when built with light parts
  • It weights only 14.5g
  • Great protection of the electronics
  • Easy access to all the components
  • Ability to use 11xx, 1404 motors
  • Supports up to 3″ propellers
  • Supports 16×16 and 20×20 Flight Controller / ESC mount
  • Supports RunCam Micro Swift (and compatible cameras)

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RCGroups thread

Got feedback, want to share pictures, videos or ask questions, please feel free to check FlexRC Ascent RCGroups thread.

Package includes

  • Main plate – 1pc
  • Side plate – 2pcs

* It is custom produced product and Lifetime Warranty doesn't apply to it

** Hardware is not included

*** 3D printable mini/AIO camera mount is not been included


We recommend to use Komori only with 11xx,1404 motors and up to 3S 650mah battery in order to keep weight low and reduce possibility of it to be broken in the crash. If you use other motors and/or heavier batteries then it voids warranty of the frame.

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2 reviews for Komori 3″ – FPV Racing Drone Frame

  1. Brandt (verified owner)

    When the guys on the RC forums asked FlexRC for a light weight version of the 3″ Ascent frame, we were rewarded with the Komori. Building this frame with FlexRC’s recommended components (HGLRC Zeus, EMAX 1106 6000kv motors, RunCam Swift Micro, HGLRC TX20) you will have an extremely versatile machine. Want long flights? You got it. Want high speed? Check. Want a lightweight, nimble, highly acrobatic quad? Yup. Want protected electronics and camera? Of course. While this build checks all of those boxes, the Komori can, of course, be more specialized for exactly what *you* want; it is an extremely versatile frame. And it is far more durable than what it’s featherweight might suggest.

    If you’re looking for a light weight 3″ quad, your search is over. The Komori will not disappoint.

  2. Anders (verified owner)

    I just received the frame, it’s beautiful! I just wonder how the rollcage is supposed to be installed? I’ve seen an instruction for the ascent, but that frame seems to be ”kinder” regarding how much the rollcage needs to be distorted to reach both slots.

    • dmitry

      Sorry for slow response, I hope you were able to figure it out. There is a small arc which is the front side of the frame and it is where you start. Then you stretch rear side a little bit and it should it without problems. Aim the middle of the rear which has the most space and requires much less distortion.

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