Mini Owl TPU Bumper

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This TPU Bumper for Mini Owl frame plate is soft, durable and designed to protect walls from possible scratches by carbon. It is universal and works for either plate, just double check and choose thickness of your Mini Owl plate for best fit.

Please note that bumper for only one plate is included.

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4 reviews for Mini Owl TPU Bumper

  1. Mickey

    Does this come with the screws?

    • dmitry

      TPU bumper is mounted with Mini Owl hardware and does not require additional screws

    • joseaurelio

      he, i need buy two bumpers or is a kit for mini owl??

      • dmitry

        Mini Owl requires two bumpers

    • joseaurelio

      He, I need buy two bumpers or is a kit for mini owl?

      • dmitry

        For full protection two bumpers are recommended for Mini Owl.

  2. darkstar_v378

    Do I have to order two for both the top and bottom plate?

    • dmitry

      For best protection it is better to use two bumpers for each plate.

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