SkyDiver 3″ – FPV Racing Drone Frame

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FlexRC SkyDiver 3″ is very durable yet still light FPV freestyle frame with an ultimate like a tank protection for all components of your FPV quadcopter and top mounted battery.

SkyDiver 3″ features no props in the view, supports up to 2 20mm tall stacks with plenty of space for easy assembly, it supports 19mm wide FPV cameras and 20×20 electronics.

SkyDiver 3″ can be assembled with base plate at the top or bottom.

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Frame weight

SkyDiver 3 inch is only 32.5g for the level of components protection it offers and it is designed to work well with RunCam Split Mini

FlexRC SkyDiver 3 inch weight

Excellent HD FPV image with 1080p DVR camera

RunCam Split Mini offers excellent (GoPro like) FPV picture and 1080p DVR

RunCam Split Mini

Great for 11xx and 1404 motors

Unleash micro power with one of the most powerful 1107 6500kv motors on the market

Enjoy stability and smooth operation of EMAX RS1106 6000kv with the power they pack with 3″ propellers

Long flight times

We’ve timed over 7min flight time with 850mah 3S battery.

Wide selection of the batteries

There is a true flexibility of which batteries you can use. You can use 2s for ultra smooth slow flying, 3s for high performance flying. Any capacity from 450mah to 850mah will work as well and it will just affect your flight time.

Please check our great selection of high quality FPV batteries


  • No propellers in the view even with wide angle cameras such as RunCam Split Mini
  • Very durable with good CF alignment and reinforced arms
  • Full frame assembly is only 32.5gram (with hardware)
  • Minimal hardware required
  • Easy to assemble
  • Excellent (like a tank) motors, electronics and camera protection
  • Easy access to all the components
  • Ability to use 11xx, 1404 motors (9-12mm mounts)
  • Supports up to 3″ propellers
  • Supports up to 2pcs of 20mm tall 20×20mm stacks (FC, ESC and so on)
  • Supports 19mm wide FPV CCD and CMOS Cameras
  • Ability to install camera at many different angles as well as position it vertically
  • Excellent choice for RunCam Split Mini

Package includes

  • Base plate – 1pc
  • Top plate – 1pc
  • Camera protection plates – 2pcs
  • M2 20mm standoffs – 10pcs
  • M2 6mm screws – 20pcs

Starting 23 Nov 2018 item is made for order and LifeTime warranty does not apply to it

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We recommend to use SkyDiver 3″ only with 11xx,1404 motors and up to 3S 850mah batteries, in order to keep weight low and reduce possibility of it to be broken in the crash. Although we are confident that it will survive even heavier setups, the use bigger motors and/or heavier batteries will void lifetime warranty of the frame.

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  1. kstewartjr77 (verified owner)

    nice solid setup running a mild 11xx on 2s 650 nice flight with it … DYS 3045

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