Sunrise Model – 4 in 1 20A – DSHOT ESC – Cicada – BusyBee2 – BLHELI_S

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With Sunrise Module 4 in 1 ESC (DSHOT) high quality Cicada ESC you will enjoy superior performance of your racing drone with the smoothest throttle response you ever experienced in quadcopter before with this newest ESC utilizing latest BusyBee2 MCU running at 48MHz with Hardware PWM and support for up to 500k eRPM (eg. F39x around 360K).

With integrated 5V 1A BEC you can power your flight controller without additional BECs.

With this 4 in 1 ESC running BlHeli_S you will forget about sync loss in your racing drone and soon you'll get used to the most stable flight with fastest throttle response and maximum thrust.

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Get ready for racing drone future with this amazing 4 in 1 20A BlHeli_S ESC!


  • New Firmware: BLHeli_S, new code based BLHeli
  • Supports DSHOT 600
  • BusyBee2 MCU (EFM8BB21F16) at 48MHz, (Ref. F330 at 25MHz and F39x at 50Mhz)
  • Hardware PWM, previous software PWM:16KHZ, hardware PWM: 36KHZ with more smooth throttle response and silent operation
  • BB2 can support up to 500k eRPM(F39x around 360K)
  • Damped light/synchronous rectification/active freewheeling
  • Supports regular 1-2ms input signal, as well as Oneshot125 (125-250us), Oneshot42(41.7-83.3us) and Multishot (5-25us), DSHOT. Auto-detected when the ESC sees an input signal.
  • Sync loss protection feature, it will have the same good sync holding properties as base BLHeli.
  • 5V 1.5A BEC

What is BLHeli_S?

  • BLHeli_S firmware is the next generation code, following the base BLHeli code.
  • BLHeli_S is designed for superior performance in racing drone,and uses hardware generated motor pwm for smooth throttle response and silent operation.
    All codes use damped light mode.
    Damped light does regenerative braking, causing very fast motor retardation, and inherently also does active freewheeling.
  • BLHeli_S code supports features to prevent sync loss. There are tuneable parameters that can make the code run well even inthe most demanding situations, although default settings will work excellently in normal operating environments.
  • BLHeli_S code supports regular 1-2ms pulse width input, as well as Oneshot125 (125-250us), Oneshot42 (41.7-83.3us) and Multshot (5-25us), DSHOT 600.
    The input signal is automatically detected by the ESC upon power up.

Technical Specifications:

  • Continuous Current: 20A
  • Peak Current (10s): 25A
  • BEC: 5V 1A
  • Lipo: 2s – 4s
  • Programming: Yes
  • Size: 36 x 36 x 4mm

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