How to build FlexRC Mini Core

FlexRC Mini Core is a great solution when you want to use powerful motors on your FPV racing drone and you want to save as much weight as possible, because as we all know weight is the key for the best performance and longest flight times of your FPV racing quadcopter.

Assembly of FlexRC Mini Core is very simple and straight forward and only requires a few steps.

Package contents

Your Kit includes the following parts:

Now we can start building it…

Install Flight Controller to 45 degrees carbon fiber adapter

Use longer screw and check that it has enough of thread left to install nuts from both sides of FC

How to assemble FlexRC Mini Core - install flight controller to carbon fiber adapter

Solder power wires to Flight Controller

ESC has built in BEC which is better than the one on Flight Controller so we will solder RED wire to +5V pad and BLACK wire to GND pad.

How to assemble FlexRC Mini Core - Solder power wires

Solder signal wires to Flight Controller

Solder signal wires as on the following picture, this wiring has been tested for the regular puller configuration.

How to assemble FlexRC Mini Core - solder ESC signal wires

Resolder ESC power cable to face inwards

Because in most FlexRC frame full size 4 in 1 ESC is installed at 45 degree angle, it is better to resolder power cables to avoid possible space conflict with propellers.

How to assemble FlexRC Mini Core - reinstall power cables

Install spacers to ESC

Standoffs might have longer than screw than necessary, so cut them a little bit to allow more space for the mounting screws which will go from the other side of the spacer.

How to assemble FlexRC Mini Core - install spacers to ESC

Put it all together

Use nylon screws to screw FC to ESC and insert signal wires plug into ESC.

How to assemble FlexRC Mini Core - put it all together

Solder battery connector

Solder XT30 or your other favorite battery connector.

How to assemble FlexRC Mini Core - Solder battery connector


You can also check the following video of how to build FlexRC Mini Core

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