Nano X right angle view 2
The above video walks you through the build steps for FlexRC’s tiny little Nano X micro quad. It’s not nearly as hard a build as I was expecting, given how small it is, but it’s certainly not as easy as a full size quad. A few steps took me several […]

FlexRC Nano X build video

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Are you seeing the trend? FlexRC releases a new micro frame and I quickly declare it the best micro frame I’ve flown. While that’s been basically true for the last few frames, there’s a reason for it. Simply put, Dmitry at FlexRC is, hands-down, the best micro frame designer out […]

FlexRC Ascent 2″ Review

Ascend BT 5
Here is my tutorial for building the FlexRC Ascent With a Spektrum/Lemon Rx. Please read through the whole thing before you get started to make sure you understand the order you would like to build in.   Install battery plug and FC power wires Battery plug and FC power wires […]

Ascent with spektrum rx build log

This guide is intended for anyone new to setting up quadcopter flight controllers using the Betaflight firmware and configurator. It is not intended as a guide for experienced users but will instead give new users instructions on the basic, bare-bones setup steps that will just get your quad up in […]

Bare Bones Betaflight Guide: Introduction and Contents

Building your own quad can be very satisfying. You can completely customize to your own requirements and if it finally works it’s even more fun then buying ‘off the shelf’ and easier to repair when you break something. The thing I love about the FlexRC frames is the durability and […]

‘Autonomous Owl’ GPS and 3DR Telemetry

Reposted from RCGroups. Just a few weeks after getting my first quad, a 5” racer, flying, I started looking into indoor micro FPV quads. Since then, I’ve built and flow…and HATED…8 different designs. But after all those disappointments, I’ve finally found one I LOVE: The FlexRC Pico Owl v2. The […]

Pico Owl v2 Full Review

owl_navio 2
Owl + ArduPilot, really? When you step into the land of custom and self-invented solutions, experiments can lead you to some strange things, you know 🙂 So here I’d like to share my experience with building a drone based on beautiful Owl frame by FlexRC and Ardupilot-driven flight controller. This […]

Ardupilot-driven Owl