TinyFish FC wiring diagram with TinyPepper ESC
TinyFish FC is a revolutionary F3 racing drone flight controller which weights only 1.7g and has integrated FrSky receiver in incredibly tiny 20×20 size with M2 16×16 mounting pattern and when paired with TinyPepper 1s ESC it becomes an ultimate 1s brushless drone solution. Here is TinyFish FC and TinyPepper […]

TinyFish FC and TinyPepper 1s 4A ESC wiring diagram

FlexRC Pico Core - solder power wires
We will review how to build and wire FlexRC Pico Core V2, which consists from the following parts: Mini F3 Flight Controller with 20x20mm mount Tiny 10A 4 in 1 – Cicada – BusyBee2 BLHELI_S ESC XT30 battery connector Cut PCB corners If you’d like to use Pico Owl ducts […]

FlexRC Pico Core V2 – Build guide / log

SirinFPV wiring-diagram-with-pololu
Assembly of FlexRC Core with SirinFPV V2 Flight Controller is very similar to the previous version, which is described in How to assemble FlexRC Core DIY Kit The main difference is that now ESC has built in 5V BEC and we are not required to use Pololu 5V, 1A Step-Down […]

FlexRC Core with SirinFPV V2 wiring diagram

FlexRC Mini Core
FlexRC Mini Core is a great solution when you want to use powerful motors on your FPV racing drone and you want to save as much weight as possible, because as we all know weight is the key for the best performance and longest flight times of your FPV racing […]

How to build FlexRC Mini Core

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Where is my package?

Delivery time can vary a lot depending on the destination and various other factors like holidays, customs and local post. FlexRC can’t speed it up or affect in any way. As far as we observed typical delivery times are: USA Small Packet USA Air: 6 – 14 days Tracked Packet […]

When my order will be delivered (delivery time)?