How To Install RF 4 in 1 Module to Devo 7e

Walkera has proven to be a solid contender in the quadcopter market in recent years. If you own a Devo 7e transmitter and want to control all your RC/drones from one device and also get a little more “oomph” to its signal and penetration, you’ve come to the right place.
In this guide, we will go through the process from start to finish of replacing your transmitter module and antenna in your Devo 7e.

First off, you’re going to have to acquire the parts needed for the modification.

List of required parts


devo 4 in 1 module

A 10cm UFL-RPSMA pigtail
rp-sma pigtail

RP-SMA Antenna
rp-sma antenna
This can be as basic or as complex as you need. We recommend a 3bdi antenna, but if you want something higher, it will work.

Hardware Installation

Open Devo 7e case

There are 5 screws on the back of the unit, one in each corner and one under the antenna.
Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 5.13.49 PM

Remove stock transmitter module

The RF board sits in the middle of the unit. It has metal shielding over it.
Desolder the pins that hold it to the main board You may have to pry it off a little to dislodge the adhesive.


For most efficient removal slowly heat one side and gently apply lifting pressure with the flat screw driver, make sure not to do it very gently to avoid ripping off pads from the PCB.

Remove pins from RF 4 in 1 module

Your new RF module should have pins, go ahead and desolder those so you have open solder points.
rf 4 in 1 module remove pins

Install new transmitter module

Here comes the tricky part.
Once you have pads on both sides, solder your wires (about 6-8cm) from the RF module to the transmitter board according to the diagram provided below.


Using different colored wires is highly recommended as it makes it a lot harder to make a mistake.

Please note that pin #13 (from 4 in 1 module) should be connected pin #2 on the transmitter chip, the best way to do it is by isolating it with kapton tape:
isolate cpu pin with kapton tape

and then soldering the wire.

If you are in doubts and want to see a bit more pictures and how other people did it then you might find HappyHarry’s post in Deviation forum useful as well.

Install new antenna

Now that the electrical bit is done, we’re going to have to make room for the new antenna.

Start by removing the top part of the antenna, right where the taper begins, with a hobby saw.
Once that is off slip in your pigtail and tighten up, plug in the UFL connector, and you’re golden.


Put it back together

Reassemble everything and move on to the software tweeks!


Download DFU USB tool

Go to https://www.deviationtx.com/downloads-new/category/161-dfu-usb-tool and download the DeviationUpload-0.8.0.jar Java app

Start Devo 7e in DFU mode

  1. Attach the 7e to your computer through USB
  2. Hold EXT and power up your Devo

Upload new configuration

  1. Launch the java app you just downloaded: DeviationUpload-0.8.0.jar
  2. Click “File Manager” tab
  3. Double-click the “HARDWARE.INI” file
  4. Copy/paste the following configuration:

    ;Only useful for transmitters with an after-market vibration motor
    ;switch_types: 3x2, 3x1, 2x2
    ;button_types: trim-all, trim-(left|right)-(up|down|both)
    ;May occur more than once if necessary.
    ; there is no need to enable the cyrf6936 module unless
    ; it is wired to an alternate port. It is Enabled automatically otherwise
    ; enable-cyrf6936 = B12
    has_pa-cyrf6936 = 1
    enable-a7105 = A13
    has_pa-a7105 = 1
    enable-cc2500 = A14
    has_pa-cc2500 = 1
    enable-nrf24l01 = A15
    has_pa-nrf24l01 = 1
    ; enable-multimod = A13

  5. Click File – “Save”
  6. You might get a dialog telling you to sync your filesystem; click “OK”
    software - need to save settings dialog

  7. If you get a prompt to sync the filesystem, click OK (Round button with circular arrows)
    software - synch changes

Congratulations! You’re done! Go sync up your receivers and fly!

(thanks to Hacksmods, HappyHarry, burtlo and various RC Groups users for the photos!)

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