How to claim replacement or refund for DOA electronic items?

Although all electronic items are tested by the factories before they become available for purchase, occasionally it can happen that you will receive DOA item.

We guarantee that parts you receive are in 100% working condition upon arrival to you, but if it is was damaged, modified, improperly installed, misused or abused then it is not covered by warranty.

Please use our contact form to initiate RMA.

To simplify the process of initiating RMA
1. Please provide clear photos of the item from all sides, we should be able to easily zoom and see every minor detail, other photos won’t be sufficient
2. Please provide video proof of part not functioning as expected, which clearly demonstrates the issue
3. Please be prepared to answer some questions during investigation process.

Once determined that part is eligible for warranty claim you will receive full refund (excluding shipping) or replacement for this part.

In case of replacement, we reserve the right to send a different part of the similar features as a replacement, as availability might differ from the time of purchase.

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