How does FlexRC frames Lifetime Guarantee work?

We are confident in our product and offer Lifetime guarantee for FlexRC branded frames.

It means that if you will happen to break one of our frames while using it according to described limitations then we will replace it for free, so you will only have to cover shipping costs.

In order to claim replacement

  • Please provide picture of the broken frame with the whole setup as it was during the crash
  • Please provide original FlexRC order number


  • Some frames have design limitations described in the product blue print, for example:
    If we write that frame can only be used with up to 3S battery and 1105 motors and you will use it with 1407 motors and 4S battery then lifetime guarantee won’t apply.

  • Lifetime guarantee does not cover replacements, samples, custom or modified designs, prototypes or products which are no longer available for purchase on the main FlexRC website.
  • Free replacement can only be offered when frame is currently in stock and it can’t be custom produced for free.

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