How to build Mini Owl Piko Edition FPV racing proximity quadcopter 4

Mini Owl Piko Edition DIY Kit contents:

mini owl piko kit contents

Unpack and prepare BusyBee2 2 in 1 ESCs and Piko BLX Flight Controller for assembly.

Cut off all corners from both ESCs to match shape of Piko BLX:

2 in 1 escs and piko blx

Desolder and cut wires to approximately 20mm:

escs without wires next to wires

Solder 20mm wires and battery connector to Bottom ESC:

bottom esc wiring

Solder 20mm wires to Top ESC:

top esc with first set of wires

Solder Bottom ESC to Top ESC:

bottom esc soldered to top esc

Solder 20mm wires from Top ESC to Flight Controller:

top esc and fc with wire lengths

View of ESCs and Flight Controller stack:

stack soldered together

stack soldered together 1

stack soldered together 2

Prepare frame and motors for assembly:

min owl with 1102 motors and landing feet

For the future reference use motor wire numbers from the following picture:

motor with wire numbers

Mount Bottom ESC, facing down, at the bottom of Piko BLX mount and solder rear motors to the Bottom ESC:

rear motors soldered to bottom esc

Measure how much wire you will need, cut off the excess and solder front motors to the Top ESC:

top esc motor layout

Make sure that you will motor wires will slide through Piko BLX mount:

top esc with left motor

Mount motors to the frame, make sure to use landing feet to adjust length of 5mm motor screw:

frame with motors installed

Mount Flight Controller / ESCs stack to the frame with the screws:

frame with motors and fc installed

Prepare Lemon-rx DSMX receiver for installation:

lemon-rx package

Disassemble case:

lemon-rx decased

Cut off pins:

lemon-rx with pins cutoff

Desolder connector, because it is too tall:

lemon-rx connector removed

Measure required wire length, which should be around 4cm and solder to lemon-rx receiver:

lemon-rx solder wires

Stick electric tape from both sides of lemon-rx receiver and connect to Piko BLX:

frame with esc and fc and lemon-rx hanging

Put lemon-rx DSMX receiver between top esc and Piko BLX flight controller:

putting lemon-rx inside

Put flight controller on standoffs, make sure that lemon-rx wires will be inside, so ducts can be installed:

frame with esc and fc view from the front

2 in 1 ESC layout has be slightly changed, so you might need to modify ducts a little bit by cutting off 1-2mm of the plastic from front and rear sides:

ducts modification

Slide of ducts, try not to apply too much pressure to avoid damaging wires, observer that wires are not stretched during installation. Then use nylon screws to secure ducts in place.

mount ducts with nylon screws

Install top lid and secure it with nylon nuts:

install top lid and nuts

Install props and secure them with all 4 screws:

install propellers

Final result:




Where to buy?

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4 thoughts on “How to build Mini Owl Piko Edition FPV racing proximity quadcopter

  • Greg

    I have a couple of questions on the build.

    1. why have the motor tabs on the ESCs facing the same way? Wouldn’t it be better if one ESC was rotated 180 so the motor tabs were on opposite sides?

    2. Any reason why you did not use the PDB on the Pico-BLX? Ie, wire the ESCs up to the power points on the Pico-blx? Seems like if you did this the overall amount of power and signal wires would be shorter, particularly if one ESC was rotated 180 degrees.

    3. Do specific motors/escs have to connect to specific ESC outputs on the Pico-BLX or can you change which motor is in which position in BetaFlight (ie: to get the right motor being front-left, front-right…etc)

    • dmitry Post author

      1. I’ve found that this way it the easier way to build it, because you need less wires to connect one ESC to another.
      2. Hard to say, PDB is usually useful when you use individual ESCs placed on arm to reduce wiring, but in this case it is stack, so I doubt that it will make things easier.
      3. Guide shows specific connections to get correct motor direction and to avoid the need to change any blheli settings, but even if you connect motor wires randomly you can change the direction in blheli.

    • dmitry Post author

      After more experiments I’ve changed preferred approach to build.

      Oh, for #3:
      Both rear motors connect to the bottom ESC
      Both front motors connect to the top ESC

      and left/right sides match