FlexRC Pico Core V2 – Build guide / log

We will review how to build and wire FlexRC Pico Core V2, which consists from the following parts:

Cut PCB corners

If you’d like to use Pico Owl ducts then you will have to cut Mini F3 PCB corners. It can be easily done with cutters.

Mini F3 FC - cut corners 1

Solder power wires

FlexRC Pico Core - solder power wires

Align Mini F3 FC with ESC

Align Flight Controller with ESC and displayed on the picture and insert signal wires plug.

FlexRC Pico Core - align FC with ESC

Install battery connector

FlexRC Pico Core - battery wire length

Install mounting hardware

FlexRC Pico Core - choice of hardware

Betaflight settings

Now we can fix motors order, activate DSHOT and set correct board orientation by going to Betaflight -> CLI tab and copy/pasting the following commands:

resource MOTOR 1 A01
resource MOTOR 2 B00
resource MOTOR 3 A06
resource MOTOR 4 A02

set motor_pwm_protocol = DSHOT300
set align_board_yaw = 180


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