This guide will walk you through the assembly and setup of the FlexRC Ascent 3” The Ascent 3” builds upon the extreme success of the original Ascent, an innovative 2” quad with an integrated, no-hardware roll cage and fantastic flying characteristics. The single bottom plate is 3mm thick and with […]

FlexRC Ascent 3 Build Guide

The above video walks you through the build steps for FlexRC’s tiny little Nano X micro quad. It’s not nearly as hard a build as I was expecting, given how small it is, but it’s certainly not as easy as a full size quad. A few steps took me several […]

FlexRC Nano X build video

Are you seeing the trend? FlexRC releases a new micro frame and I quickly declare it the best micro frame I’ve flown. While that’s been basically true for the last few frames, there’s a reason for it. Simply put, Dmitry at FlexRC is, hands-down, the best micro frame designer out […]

FlexRC Ascent 2″ Review

This final section will cover how to use your switches to arm your quad, how to change flight modes, and how to set up Airmode if you so desire. 10a. Arming and changing flight modes Your arm switch is Switch F. To arm your quad, place it on a flat, […]

Summary and customizing your setup

Click the Receiver tab in the left margin. This is where we will ensure the receiver is properly communicating with the flight controller and that your radio’s stick movements properly span the entire range of control. We will also configure two switches on the radio to communicate with the flight […]

Setting up the receiver via the Receiver tab

Note:  If you selected any of the DShot ESC protocols or BRUSHED protocol in Step 6a, you can skip ESC calibration and move to checking motor directions below.  Any other protocol requires ESC calibration. Click the Motors tab in the left margin of the Betaflight configurator.  This tab allows you […]

Calibrate your ESCs via the Motors tab