Mini F3 Flight Controller – FrSky receiver – Wiring and configuration

Wiring example

Here is working example of wiring FrSky receiver to Mini F3 flight controller

Mini F3 - FrSky wiring

Board layout:

Mini F3 connection diagram with boot pads

Battery connection

In order to operation FrSky receiver requires flight controller to be powered from the battery.

Mini F3 - battery connection

Connect to betaflight

Connect FC to USB port of your computer and open betaflight configurator

Betaflight – Ports

Open Ports tab and set them like on the picture below.

mini f3 frsky betaflight - ports

Betaflight – Configuration

Open Configuration tab and set Receiver Mode to Serial-based receiver and Serial Receiver Provider to SBUS like on the picture below.

mini f3 frsky betaflight - configuration - receiver

Betaflight – CLI

Open CLI tab and write the following commands

set sbus_inversion=OFF

Betaflight – Receiver

With the assumption that your receiver has been previous bound, open Receiver tab and verify that all channels move as expected.

mini f3 frsky betaflight - receiver

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