Mini F3 Flight Controller – FrSky receiver – Wiring and configuration

Wiring example

Here is working example of wiring FrSky receiver to Mini F3 flight controller

Mini F3 - FrSky wiring

Board layout:

Mini F3 connection diagram with boot pads

Battery connection

In order to operation FrSky receiver requires flight controller to be powered from the battery.

Mini F3 - battery connection

Connect to betaflight

Connect FC to USB port of your computer and open betaflight configurator

Betaflight – Ports

Open Ports tab and set them like on the picture below.

mini f3 frsky betaflight - ports

Betaflight – Configuration

Open Configuration tab and set Receiver Mode to Serial-based receiver and Serial Receiver Provider to SBUS like on the picture below.

mini f3 frsky betaflight - configuration - receiver

Betaflight – CLI

Open CLI tab and write the following commands

set sbus_inversion=OFF

* Depending on the receiver you might need inversion set to OFF or ON, you can try to toggle between them to find which way it will work for your receiver

Betaflight – Receiver

With the assumption that your receiver has been previous bound, open Receiver tab and verify that all channels move as expected.

mini f3 frsky betaflight - receiver

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