How to use propeller cutter for Mini Owl

FlexRC Mini Owl quadcopter uses ~1.88 inch propellers which are best produced by cutting down RotorX RX2535 four blade propellers with FlexRC prop cutter.

Mini Owl Motor Direction 2

Lets start with cutting…

Assemble propeller cutter

Propeller cutter consists from handle and the base.

Slide handle into cut out in the base:


It will look like this when assembled:


Install propeller cutter on Dremel


Just screw cutting adapter on your Dremel:


Install propeller on adapter

Insert 1.5mm drill bit or some other metal stick with diameter around 1.5mm through propeller mounting hole and into the adapter.


Start cutting propeller

Start dremel and then gently push on the propeller against spinning drill (cutting) bit until piece of the propeller will be completely cut off.

The repeat it for other side of the propeller.

Be very careful and use protective glasses to avoid any possible injuries


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